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So if you’ve spent some time on Best BB Creams, you’ll know what a BB cream is, what the best brands are, and which ones are best for your skin type (and your wallet). One thing we haven’t touched on however, is how to USE your BB cream! We’ve compiled some basic tips for you to improve your experience, no matter what BB cream you choose. Let’s get to the good stuff shall we?

Do I need moisturizer? The best answer? Probably. BB creams claim to be your moisturizer and foundation (among other things) but if you have dry skin you will definitely need a moisturizer underneath. Furthermore, if you have oily skin, you’ll want an oil-control moisturizer as a base so your BB cream doesn’t slide around on your face.

Do I use my fingers? Yes. Your fingers will do the best job at blending the BB cream into your skin (as opposed to a brush or sponge), unless you invest in a BB cream applicator, BRTC offers a great one here, and even comes with the BB cream of your choice. The applicator vibrates the cream into your skin for the ultimate natural appearance. But other than that, yes, use your fingers.

But how do I use it? You should apply your BB cream to problem areas first, so that it sets in the areas. Next, go to work on the rest of your face, blending the BB cream from the centre of your face outwards with small circles. You only need about a dime sized amount to do your entire face, and be sure you blend it in thoroughly (down your neck too!). If your BB cream’s SPF is giving it a bit of a gray cast on your face, don’t fret, it will oxidize in a few minutes and look more natural on your skin.

Okay now what? Allow your BB cream to oxidize and blend into your skin for as long as possible in your morning routine. 20 minutes is optimal, but definitely not mandatory. After it’s oxidized, you’ll want to apply a loose powder to your entire face to set the BB cream. Focus on the under-eye area as it creases and causes lines. Be sure to keep your hands away from your face, and if your skin is very oily you may want to use an oil-blotting sheet and then reapply your setting powder halfway through the day.

Well there you have it, the basics to using BB cream. When used properly, it really is an all-in-one miracle cream, with coverage, anti-aging, whitening, SPF, and many other functions.

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